We manufacture accessories with the same attention to detail we apply to our high-precision, best-in-industry rupture discs.

We stock or manufacture a complete line of accessories to make our products more versatile, functional, long-lasting and easier to use in every environment.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know. We’ll find or engineer and build every bit and piece you could need – everything from eye bolts to jackscrews, studs and nuts to tell-tale indicators – all with the same care we devote to the rest of our products.

ENVIRO GUARD Pipe End Covers

A PTFE-impregnated fiberglass fabric pipe-end cover with a secure drawstring and optional recovery rope.

Protect piping, rupture discs and safety-relief valves from rain, insects, birds and other unwanted foreign material. ENVIRO GUARD pipe end covers easily endure harsh environments and temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).

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Heat Shield

A slotted metal component installed upstream of a rupture disc assembly to protect the disc from extreme heat.

Where process temperatures climb to levels your rupture disc or its lining material are unable to withstand, you need a CDC heat shield. The shield functions as a barrier, reducing your rupture disc’s exposure to high temperatures. It restricts the continuous flow of high-temperature gases or vapors, allowing the piping between the shield and rupture disc to act as a heat sink.

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MBC MULTIPLE-BOLT Sanitary Closure

This cast stainless steel clamp, secured with four bolts, ensures a dependable hold for system fittings and components.

Secure your vessel and piping connections with the highly durable MBC multiple-bolt sanitary closure – trusted by pharmaceutical, biotech, food, beverage and fine chemical industries worldwide. This sturdy clamp yields the ultimate in connection integrity and works seamlessly with the SANITRX rupture disc family.

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Our customer service starts before the sale, as we communicate with you to better understand your needs. We don’t manufacture anything until we’re sure it’s a perfect fit for your system – we’ll even survey your facility to better understand how our products will be used. After installation, we’re here to support and stand behind our products.

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