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Any industry, any application, anywhere in the world — we have an overpressure safety solution and the service know-how to back it up.

We have your solution.

We know the diverse challenges and constraints of the processing industry well – and we have the solutions. We have an overpressure protection system for your facility, no matter what it is you process.

Sizes – 1/8″ to 52″ diameter                                                        (3,18 mm to 1300 mm)

Pressures – 1 InWC to 80,000 psig                                           (2,49 mbarg to 5515 barg)

Connections – Flanged, clamped, threaded, welded

We back you up.

We attribute our five decades of growth not just to quality products, but to an ever-expanding suite of services that support every part and system we produce. Our complimentary support backs a network of systems worldwide.

We don’t just manufacture our products. We stand behind them.

HPX® Rupture
Disc Family

HPX is your most versatile, cost-effective weapon in the battle against overpressure.

Conceived, engineered and manufactured to fit nearly any overpressure protection application, the HPX family has been proven the most reliable in the industry – and the best choice for your operation.

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OEM & Custom Solutions

Forget adapters, converters and extra steps. We engineer products specifically for your system — no matter what industry you work in. After installation, we’re here to train, support and assist whenever you need us.


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