MBC MULTIPLE-BOLT Sanitary Closure

Secure your vessel and piping connections with the highly durable MBC Multiple-Bolt Sanitary Closure – trusted by pharmaceutical, biotech, food, beverage and fine chemical industries worldwide.

The MBC features a two-piece cast stainless steel body, secured with four stainless steel bolts. This sturdy clamp yields the ultimate in connection integrity, providing a dependable, sure hold for system fittings and components.

The MBC is designed to work seamlessly with the SANITRX rupture disc family.

The MBC’s opposed multiple-bolt pattern utilizes four bolts, ensuring reliable performance and safeguarding your system and personnel from possible damage from the failure of one- or two-bolt clamps.

The MBC can be used in general sanitary installations and in high-pressure or high-temperature applications, though pressure and temperature maximums are limited by the capabilities of standard gaskets and fittings.

Additional features include:

  •       Solid, cast stainless steel body with multi-bolt pattern for durability and performance under higher pressures and temperatures
  •       Studs, nuts and lock washers of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel construction
  •       Available in sizes 1½”, 2”, 3” and 4”

Depending upon size and limitations of complementary components, the clamp can be installed on systems operating at pressures up to 1,500 psig (103 barg) or at temperatures up to 450ºF.

Nominal Size Range: 1.5″ – 4″ (40 mm – 100 mm)

Burst Pressure Range: N/A

Recommended Operating Ratio: N/A

Service: N/A

BDI Alarm System Compatible?: Yes

ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available?: N/A

Industry Applications

Food & Beverage Processing
Food & Beverage Processing
Food & Beverage Processing

We understand that product purity and safety are critical in food-related industries, so we provide hygienic and aseptic vessels and piping to assure compliance with FDA and 3A requirements.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

We focus on solutions to meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical processing – wherever perfectly hygienic facilities and hermetically sealed antiseptic systems are a must.

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