Heat Shield

Where process temperatures climb to levels your rupture disc or its lining material are unable to withstand, you need a CDC heat shield.

The shield functions as a barrier, reducing your rupture disc’s exposure to high temperatures. It restricts the continuous flow of high-temperature gases or vapors, allowing the piping between the shield and rupture disc to act as a heat sink.

The CDC heat shield is a flat, metal component for direct installation between bolted pipe flanges upstream of the rupture disc. It is slotted to allow the transmission of pressure to the rupture disc and to provide full opening upon bursting of the rupture disc.

Evaluation is necessary to determine the required length of the spool assembly to achieve an adequate heat sink. No single rule can be suitable for all of the possible applications. The temperature drop is best determined through consideration of the following design parameters:

  • Maximum rated temperature of the rupture disc
  • The maximum expected temperature exposed to the exterior of the assembly (note that the rupture disc and spool assembly cannot be insulated)
  • Attachment of other exterior cooling devices
  • Process media
  • Total surface area of the spool assembly and rupture disc
  • The transmission of heat to rupture disc by radiation, conduction and convection

Please note that the heat shield cannot be located directly under the holder inlet when used with reverse-buckling-type rupture discs.

Nominal Size Range: 1″ – 36″ (25mm – 900mm)

Burst Pressure Range: N/A

Recommended Operating Ratio: N/A

Service: Gas

BDI Alarm System Compatible?: No

ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available?: No

Industry Applications

Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing

Our rupture discs are manufactured with chemical processing in mind – corrosion resistance, leak tightness, high accuracy and durability come standard.

Food & Beverage Processing
Food & Beverage Processing
Food & Beverage Processing

We understand that product purity and safety are critical in food-related industries, so we provide hygienic and aseptic vessels and piping to assure compliance with FDA and 3A requirements.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical)
Oil & Gas (Petrochemical)
Oil & Gas (Petrochemical)

The hydrocarbon industries require cost-effective system protection with a special focus on reducing fugitive emissions. Our catalog of configurations, materials, burst ratings and sizes make our rupture discs the right choice for these operations.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

We focus on solutions to meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical processing – wherever perfectly hygienic facilities and hermetically sealed antiseptic systems are a must.

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