Our high-precision, forward-acting rupture discs are the product of decades of testing and refinement.

As years of engineering and technology have passed, we’ve consistently stayed ahead of the curve. We see each new technological development as a new opportunity to improve on our existing products.

That means every one of our forward-acting rupture discs is an advanced, state-of-the-art tool that can be counted on to reliably keep your operation safe, day after day, year after year.

Standard 30° Seat Rupture Disc

A solid metal differential pressure relief device that provides instantaneous overpressure protection for nearly any application.

The Standard rupture disc’s full-opening design responds within milliseconds to potentially damaging overpressure accumulation, making it ideal for a variety of protection applications. It can be customized with different seating configurations, protective liners, rings, gaskets and more.

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Composite Flat Seat Rupture Disc

A high-performance, corrosion-resistant rupture disc, ideal for systems requiring low burst pressures.

A versatile line of high-performance, corrosion-resistant rupture discs, our composite discs typically consist of a metallic top section and a metallic or non-metallic seal, with optional vacuum support, protective rings, gaskets or outlet liner.

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ENVIRO-SEAL Rupture Disc

A versatile, flat-seat, composite rupture disc that can act as an environmental seal, corrosion barrier, or isolate the downstream side of low-pressure storage vessels.

The ENVIRO-SEAL is composed of a metallic top section and a non-metallic seal. Depending on which design you need, the seal could be on the process side, on both the process and the vent side, or between two metallic top sections. The ENVIRO-SEAL installs between standard bore ASME, DIN or JIS companion flanges.

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GRAFSERT Rupture Disc

A rupture disc made up of a single, solid, phenolic resin-impregnated slab of graphite.

This design makes the GRAFSERT a highly dependable, low-maintenance rupture disc, ideal for highly corrosive applications and remote installations. The GRAFSERT is a single-direction disc capable of withstanding burst ratios up to 80% in static service.

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Composite 30° Seat Rupture Disc

A high-performance, corrosion-resistant rupture disc with a 30° angular “light lip” seat, ideal for systems that require low burst pressures.

Our composite rupture discs consist of two or more metallic or non-metallic components. The components typically consist of a metallic top section and a metallic or non-metallic seal with optional vacuum support, protective rings, gaskets or outlet liner.

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MICRO X™ Rupture Disc

A flat-seat, cross-scored, tension-type rupture disc that provides a full, non-fragmenting, four-petal opening pattern.

We score the MICRO X on the vent side of the rupture disc, leaving the process side of the disc perfectly smooth – and more resistant to corrosion and accumulation of process media. It is designed to fit the UNISERT rupture disc assembly.

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ICON™ Rupture Disc

A tension-acting, cross-scored, non-fragmenting disc designed for the unique demands of liquid and gas transportation vessels.

Protect intermodal tank containers, railroad tank cars and tank trucks with the ICON rupture disc. The ICON is ideal for installation beneath pressure-relief valves due to its non-fragmenting design.

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TANKSERT Rupture Disc

A composite rupture disc that fits in standard threaded or bolted-type safety vent assemblies on transportation vessels.

We offer an array of rupture disc products designed to protect railroad tank cars, intermodal tank containers, tank trucks, over-the-road tank trucks and nearly any other vessel that transports liquid or gas products.

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Designed, manufactured and tested for your operation.

We don’t manufacture until you order. Your lot of rupture discs will be built to match the exact specifications of your plant, and then performance tested at the same overpressure conditions they’ll operate in on a daily basis. We’ll ship them only after we’re sure they’ll meet and exceed your expectations.

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