Emergency Rupture Disc Service

Need immediate 24-7 support?

Call (816) 792-1500

Emergencies can be difficult, dangerous and expensive.

So we’ve made our rupture disc service quick, simple and reliable.

We understand that the longer your system is offline for repair, the heavier the hit to your bottom line. Let us help you keep your expense and downtime to a minimum with our prompt and efficient emergency services.

Our emergency services are always operating. No matter the date, time or scale of your emergency, we can be counted on to react immediately and deliver your products quickly.

We offer rupture disc service for 1/4″ through 36″ rupture discs and holders.

Contact us anytime – weekdays, weekends or holidays – at 816-792-1500.

Alternatively, contact your local representative office for emergency service pricing and availability.

Same-Day service

We’ll have your order ready for shipment before midnight.* At your request, we’ll also arrange expedited delivery via charter service.

24-Hour Service

Your order will be ready for shipment before the end of the next working day.*

48-Hour Service

We’ll ship your order within two working days.*

Extended-Working-Day Service

Your choice – we can ship your order in 5, 10, or 15 working days.

Overtime Services

We’re prepared for manufacture and production beyond normal business hours, should you request it. We’ll work around the clock and over the weekend until your order is ready.

This service is primarily for rupture discs, non-stock holders and urgently needed items that cannot be provided by any of the above services due to required manufacturing time.

*Orders placed weekdays before 3 p.m. CST

Need help diagnosing, repairing or preventing the problem?

FAQ pages don’t always have all the answers. That’s why, in addition to service and replacement, our expert technical support team is always on call. Call them anytime for in-depth advice and instructions regarding rupture disc specifications, burst pressures and specific applications.

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