Continental Disc Corporation is dedicated to providing quality pressure relief products, expert technical support and timely delivery. To keep your downtime to a minimum, Continental Disc offers "Five Star" Emergency services for 1/4" through 36" rupture discs and holders.

To utilize these emergency services, contact us anytime - weekdays, weekends or holidays - by calling us at (816) 792-1500 . Alternatively, you can contact your local representative office for pricing and availibility of Five Star Emergency Services.

Continental Disc Corporation conducts audits to assure safe and efficient operation of your safety relief system and maximize disc life. Continental Disc will also develop a rupture disc (bursting disc) maintenance and replacement program to reduce disc failure from cycling / fatigue, resulting in maximum plant run time.

Upon customer request, Continental Disc Corporation representatives can conduct a complete walk-through of your new or updated systems to confirm the logical order of components and their location. These trained, knowledgeable personnel identify any potential problems and assure the pressure safety products provided by Continental Disc are functioning properly.

We support our products before and after the sale and understand that technical support goes beyond Frequently Asked Questions on a Web site. Our highly trained experts will answer your questions in a way that will help contribute to the safe and efficient operation of your system. You can call us: day or night.

Continental Disc Corporation has local representative offices throughout the world. These local experts in pressure safety technology have all the tools and training necessary to help you meet your goal of safe, efficient operation of your pressurized systems. Our exclusive manufacturer's representatives learn about the selection and application of pressure safety devices through a rigorous training program we call "Rupture Disc University."

We offer rupture disc (bursting disc), tank management, and wastewater system training to educate customers about the safe and efficient operation of their safety relief system. Classes are held at either the customer's site or at our offices. All of those in attendance receive formal training materials. Licensed Engineers receive Professional Development Hours (PDH) credit.

Continental Disc Corporation maintains an ASME Accepted Flow Testing Laboratory operated by a team of experienced research and development personnel who are ASME accepted authorized observers. They are experienced in flow testing relief valves, rupture discs (bursting discs), rupture disc resistance values (KR), relief valve/rupture disc combinations, vent valves, and other flow objects. And with the addition of the new Liquid Flow Loop, the Flow Test Laboratory can now run the full gamut of flow tests in both air and liquid.


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