WMP Welded Muffled Plug Rupture Disc Assembly

Protect equipment, personnel and the environment with the threaded, single-use WMP Welded Muffled Plug rupture disc assembly. The WMP is ideal for applications that discharge to the atmosphere at the rupture disc.

The WMP is a solid-metal, tension-acting rupture disc that screws directly into a threaded port, providing precise overpressure protection with minimal installation time.

The rupture disc is welded to a threaded outlet body and inlet ring, creating a bubble-tight seal between the rupture disc, outlet body and inlet ring. Six holes in the outlet body’s hexagonal head reduce reaction forces after the rupture disc has burst.

We supply the highly versatile WMP in a wide range of burst pressures and temperatures for applications in dozens of industries, including:

Hydraulic Systems

  • Actuators
  • Accumulators
  • Pumps
  • A/C systems
  • Braking systems
  • High-pressure water cleaning systems

Pneumatic Systems

  • Actuators
  • Sample bottle gas cylinders
  • Test stands
  • A/C systems
  • Gauge panel protection
  • Overinflation protection

Nominal Size Range: 0.125″ – 1″ (3 mm – 25 mm)

Burst Pressure Range: 300 psig – 15,000 psig (20,7 barg – 1034 barg)

Maximum Recommended Operating Ratio: 70% of the rupture disc’s rated (stamped) burst pressure.

Seating Configuration: Flat seat

Service: Liquid or gas

BDI Alarm System Compatible?: No

ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available?: No

Industry Applications

Power Generation – Green Energy
Power Generation – Green Energy
Power Generation – Green Energy

As the green energy movement accelerates, we make it a priority to keep ahead of the curve with overpressure protection for even the most advanced applications.

Power Generation & Distribution – Fossil Fuel
Power Generation & Distribution – Fossil Fuel
Power Generation & Distribution – Fossil Fuel

Highly flammable process materials and increasingly strict government regulations demand reliable, high-precision safety solutions – and we’re here to provide them.

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