Well Activation and Safety Protection Rupture Discs

Replace shear pins and other moving devices with our Well Activation and Safety Protection rupture discs to save valuable time and labor on the drill site.

Designed to release pressure to activate tools in the hole or to protect downhole drill components from overpressure failure, our Well Activation and Safety Protection Rupture Discs use rupture disc technology to achieve high accuracy and reliability.

These rupture discs are offered in two burst-direction configurations, Type A and Type I.

Our Well Activation and Safety Protection rupture discs are engineered for all downhole well-production applications – from exploration to drilling, completion and production.

Which type do I need?

Type A (External pressure) – Use these rupture discs to activate downhole equipment from the annulus during drilling or completion operations.

Type I (Internal Pressure) – Use these rupture discs to protect downhole equipment from overpressure within tubing or drill string. They can also be used to activate downhole equipment from internal pressure from tubing or drill strings.

Each type is offered in two versions: The machined, reverse-acting design (WMR) is a single-piece design with a rupture disc machined out of Alloy 625. The WMR Rupture Disc provides high-pressure solutions up to 20,000 psig.

The welded tension-acting design (WSP) is a three-piece design with an Alloy 600 rupture disc welded to a 316 SS inlet and outlet. The WSP Rupture Disc provides low-pressure solutions down to 1,000 psig.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick delivery keeps your operation running smoothly
  • Simple pressure activation allows operators to activate downhole tools and devices at any depth without relying on pyrotechnics, electronic signals or mechanical systems
  • Easily replaceable parts save drilling and production time by reducing downtime
  • These rupture discs are self-protecting to minimize damage by downhole debris

Nominal Size Range: Consult literature

Burst Pressure Range: Consult literature

Maximum Recommended Operating Ratio: Consult literature

Service: Liquid or Gas

BDI Alarm System Compatible?: No

ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available?: No

Materials not indicated or shown may be available by special design. Contact us for more information.

Industry Applications

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical)
Oil & Gas (Petrochemical)
Oil & Gas (Petrochemical)

The hydrocarbon industries require cost-effective system protection with a special focus on reducing fugitive emissions. Our catalog of configurations, materials, burst ratings and sizes make our rupture discs the right choice for these operations.

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