Sanitary Rupture Disc Holder Fitting Assembly

Where product purity and corrosion resistance are critical, use our Sanitary Rupture Disc Holder Assembly.

Quick-release and easy to change, this fitting assembly is trusted in dairy, pharmaceutical, food processing, canning, cosmetic and chemical industries.

The CDC or CDCV rupture disc are designed for installation with this sanitary rupture disc holder fitting assembly.

Nominal Size Range: 1″ – 10″ (25 mm – 250 mm)

Burst Pressure Range: N/A

Recommended Operating Ratio: N/A

Service: N/A

BDI Alarm System Compatible?: No

ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available?: No

Materials not indicated or shown may be available by special design. Contact us for more information.

Industry Applications

Food & Beverage Processing
Food & Beverage Processing
Food & Beverage Processing

We understand that product purity and safety are critical in food-related industries, so we provide hygienic and aseptic vessels and piping to assure compliance with FDA and 3A requirements.

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