HPX-Ta™ Rupture Disc

We manufactured the versatile, reliable HPX-Ta from tantalum – the only suitable material for processing highly corrosive media such as bromine, chlorine, HCL, nitric acid or sulfuric acid.

The HPX-Ta has a 90% maximum operating ratio and designed for a minimum of 1,000 cycles from full vacuum to maximum recommended operating pressure.

It’s also a member of the HPX rupture disc family.

The HPX family of rupture discs is designed for a long and reliable service life, even at the high operating-to-burst pressure ratios of today’s process industries. Advanced tooling processes and optimal material thickness ensure full openings and accurate burst ratings for a perfect rupture every time.

We manufacture each lot of rupture discs to order, per the specifications of the overpressure relief requirement in your plant. We performance test and proof pressure-test every disc prior to shipment – our goal is to give you complete confidence in the reliability of our rupture discs.

The HPX-Ta provides:

  • Lower maintenance costs and greater reliability than other corrosion-resistant materials
  • Compatibility with the HPX insert, HPX-PT pre-torqued or HPX double disc holders
  • Tantalum-lined HPX-PT pre-torqued holders are ideal for use on vessels or pipe spools with protective lined flanges
  • Enhanced holder corrosion resistance from tantalum lining or coating of holder inlets and outlet holders

Nominal Size Range: 1″ – 12″ (25 mm – 300 mm)

Burst Pressure Range: 10 psig – 800 psig (0.689 barg – 55,2 barg)

Maximum Recommended Operating Ratio: 90% of the rupture disc’s rated (stamped) burst pressure

Seating Configuration: Flat seat

Service: Liquid or gas

BDI Alarm System Compatible?: Yes

ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available?: Yes

Industry Applications

Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing

Our rupture discs are manufactured with chemical processing in mind – corrosion resistance, leak tightness, high accuracy and durability come standard.

Pulp & Paper
Pulp & Paper
Pulp & Paper

Our wide range of unique overpressure protection products excel in the high-strain, large-scale, immense-flow environments of the pulp and paper industry.

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