Explosion Vent Panels

Our explosion vent panels provide instantaneous overpressure protection for nearly any type of pressurized dry-bulk handling and storage equipment.

The vent panels are designed to allow a full and immediate opening to minimize structural or mechanical damage by expanded gases from the combustion of dust, gases or mists inside equipment, rooms, buildings or other enclosures.

Our vent panels are offered in rectangular, square or circular configurations and in several constructions to meet the operating parameters of your application.

The VP series

The VP series vent panel is a flat, scored and fluoropolymer-coated aluminum panel. This panel is best suited for operating conditions of positive pressure or vacuum pulsations. It is recommended for a maximum 50% operating-to-burst pressure ratio, positive or negative.

The CP series

The CP series vent panel is a flat, composite-style panel constructed of 316 SS and fluoropolymer. This panel is ideal for cyclic operating conditions, going from positive to negative or negative to positive pressures. A 50% maximum operating-to-burst pressure ratio is recommended.

The SFC & CFC series

The SFC solid metal and CFC composite (metal/fluoropolymer) vent panels are pre-bulged, circular designs. These panels are suitable for higher operating conditions of up to 70% of the burst rating positive pressure and negative pressure of up to 14.7 psig (1.02 barg) full vacuum.

What are the benefits?

  • Full, instantaneous opening
  • Full opening under dynamic or static pressure conditions
  • Designs interchangeable with existing panel applications
  • Available with Burst Disc Indicator (BDI) alarm strips
  • Designs available for non-fragmentation

Nominal Size Range: 10″ – 69″ (250 mm – 1750 mm)

Burst Pressure Range: 1 psig – 10 psig (0,069 barg – 0,69 barg)

Maximum Recommended Operating Ratio: 50 to 80% of the rupture disc’s rated (stamped) burst pressure

Seating Configuration: Lightweight flange construction

Service: Gas

BDI Alarm System Compatible?: Yes

ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available?: No

Materials not indicated or shown may be available by special design. Contact us for more information.

Industry Applications

Powder & Bulk Solids
Powder & Bulk Solids
Powder & Bulk Solids

Control the release of overpressure in the storage and handling of powder and bulk solids with our large-scale vent panels and rupture disc systems. Our precision solutions provide deflagration relief anywhere static electrical charges may ignite dusty environments.

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