Keep your rupture disc clean, accurate and operational with the CLEAN-SWEEP Assembly. Designed for viscous media processes, the CLEAN-SWEEP Assembly significantly reduces dead space in pipe-tee rupture disc assemblies, eliminating product buildup and preventing interference or excessive overpressure.

This holder is an ideal replacement for rupture disc assemblies installed off the leg of a pipe tee where product buildup could affect the proper operation of the rupture disc. With the CLEAN-SWEEP Assembly installed, the rupture disc mounts directly adjacent to the process flow.

For many years, pipe tees were used in process lines with the rupture disc assembly installed off the leg of the tee. However, viscous product buildup could affect the proper operation and accuracy of the rupture disc.

The CLEAN-SWEEP Assembly eliminates the dead space in pipe-tee assemblies, as well as the pressure, temperature and material availability limitations caused by older, diaphragm valve body-based designs.

With the CLEAN-SWEEP, the rupture disc mounts directly on the body casting, adjacent to the process flow. It requires fewer sealed joints and greatly reduces the possibility of product buildup or dead space under the rupture disc.

Designed for operating pressures up to 1,440 psig (99,3 barg), the CLEAN-SWEEP Assembly is custom-machined to bolting classes of ASME, DIN, JIS or as specified by the customer. Alignment pins in the assembly inlet provide correct rupture disc orientation during installation. Once installed, the 3-Dimensional Flow Direction Tag, which is permanently attached to the rupture disc, is a visual reference that the rupture disc will discharge in the intended flow direction.

The CLEAN-SWEEP Assembly is designed to house either a Composite (CF) or MICRO X (CF) Rupture Disc, both of which have a flat seat configuration.

Nominal Size Range: 1″ – 6″ (25 mm – 150 mm)

Burst Pressure Range: 3 psig – 1,440 psig (0,207 barg – 99,3 barg)

Recommended Operating Ratio: N/A

Seating Configuration: Flat seat

Service: Viscous media

BDI Alarm System Compatible?: Yes

ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available?: Yes

Materials not indicated or shown may be available by special design. Contact us for more information.

Industry Applications

Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing

Our rupture discs are manufactured with chemical processing in mind – corrosion resistance, leak tightness, high accuracy and durability come standard.

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