APX™ Rupture Disc

The Continental Disc APX™ rupture disc is a semicircular scored reverse acting rupture disc that is ideal for liquid or gas/vapor applications. In terms of performance, precision, and durability, the APX rupture disc outperforms the competition. One of several benefits of the APX is the flexibility to tailor it to the demands of the customer, particularly regarding flexibility in holder materials of construction.

Designed for use in toxic and corrosive environments, the APX rupture disc combines Continental Disc’s rupture disc performance with materials that stand up to the most challenging process media. The APX continues the legacy of the flagship HPX® product with low Kr factors, high cycling, and quality certifications that you’ve come to expect from Continental Disc Corporation.

Optimum material thickness and manufacturing tooling design provide not only the full opening and accurate burst rating you expect, but also longer service life at higher operating-to-burst pressure ratios demanded by today’s process industries.

• Developed for highly toxic and / or corrosive service
• Operating ratio capabilities of up to 95% burst pressure to meet industry standards
• Broad range of burst ratings from 20 – 600 psi to meet a wide pressure range of toxic service applications
• Standard height, reduced height, and custom height holders available to adapt to piping restrictions
• Double disc and pre-torqued holders are available to expand toxic service over-pressure protection applications
• Rupture disc can be operated to full vacuum.

Technical Details

• Size Range: 1” to 4” (25mm – 100mm)
• Rupture Disc Materials: Nickel, Alloy 400, 316 SS, 316L SS, Alloy C276, Alloy 600
• Burst Pressure Range: 20 psig – 600 psig (1.38 barg – 41.37 barg)
• Maximum Recommended Operating Ratio: 90 or 95% of the rupture disc’s rated (stamped) burst pressure
• Seating Configuration: Flat seat
• Service: Liquid or gas*
• BDI Alarm System Compatible: Yes (Universal B.D.I. or BDI-FLX)
• ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available: Yes
• CRN Available: Yes
• CE Marking Available: Yes
• ATEX Assessment Available: Yes
• Holder Materials: Duplex, Super Duplex, Super Austenitic, 304/304L SS, Alloy C22, Alloy 625, Titanium, and other materials upon request.


• Fluoropolymer coating available for corrosion protection on process and/or vent side of rupture disc
• Available cleaning for Oxygen or Chlorine Service

Industry Applications

Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing

Our rupture discs are manufactured with chemical processing in mind – corrosion resistance, leak tightness, high accuracy and durability come standard.

Industrial Gases
Industrial Gases
Industrial Gases

Size, pressure, versatility, pressure, corrosion resistance and tight seals – the needs of the industrial gas industry are diverse, and we have the vast experience necessary to customize solutions to match your needs. Designs and materials to minimize ice buildup, intergranular corrosion, embrittlement or leakage are readily available.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical)
Oil & Gas (Petrochemical)
Oil & Gas (Petrochemical)

The hydrocarbon industries require cost-effective system protection with a special focus on reducing fugitive emissions. Our catalog of configurations, materials, burst ratings and sizes make our rupture discs the right choice for these operations.


Our specialized products are ubiquitous in nearly every transportation market – land, sea and air – providing pressure relief for external fire, rollover or overfill protection to meet DOT, CGA or other transportation regulatory requirements. The compact design of our rupture disc assemblies make them ideal for vessels transporting gases, liquids or solids.

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