The CDC 3/4” SANITRX HPX® Rupture Disc is a semicircular scored reverse acting rupture disc designed specifically for applications in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and biotech industries. This rupture disc is available to fit between standard sanitary ferrules. The 3/4” SANITRX HPX rupture disc is shipped in sanitary, environmentally friendly, non-toxic packaging.

  • Extreme cycling durability
  • Precision scoring on the vent side of the rupture disc dome assures optimum cleanability and improves rupture disc performance
  • Rupture disc can be operated to full vacuum
  • Burst Pressure Range: 40 psig – 500 psig (2,76 barg – 34,5 barg)
  • Maximum Recommended Operating Ratio: 90 of the rupture disc’s rated (stamped) burst pressure
  • Service: Liquid or Gas/Vapor
  • Meets ASME BPE and USP class VI criteria including:SF1 surface finish (20 Ra microinch or better)
  • Solid metal construction provides cleanability for CIP/SIP applications
  • Fully traceable materials including USP Class VI certified gaskets
  • All components are free of polishing compounds, release agents and animal derivatives
  • ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 compliant. National Board Certified KR flow resistance values: KRG (gas) = 1.13 and KRL (liquid) = 1.60

Industry Applications

Food & Beverage Processing
Food & Beverage Processing
Food & Beverage Processing

We understand that product purity and safety are critical in food-related industries, so we provide hygienic and aseptic vessels and piping to assure compliance with FDA and 3A requirements.

Medical & Healthcare
Medical & Healthcare
Medical & Healthcare

Ever-advancing medical technologies call for an ever-developing suite of pressure-relief solutions. We stay in step with rapidly advancing medical industry equipment and meet all medical equipment regulations – including FDA standards.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

We focus on solutions to meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical processing – wherever perfectly hygienic facilities and hermetically sealed antiseptic systems are a must.

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