Industrial gases is a diverse industry with a critical need for controlled overpressure protection.

Industrial Gases applications

  • Ultra-Pure Semiconductor Gas Systems (High Purity Gas Processing) - Common products –Face-seal Bead
  • Separation Towers (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, CO2, Argon) - Common products – Tite-seal, ScrewType, Union, HPX
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers - Common products – HPX
  • High & Low Pressure Storage Vessels - Common products – LOTRX, HPX
  • Field Service Applications - Common products – Tite-seal, ScrewType
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders - Common products – Tite-seal, ScrewType
  • Syngas – Biodiesel, Ethanol, Algae, Coal to Gas - Common products – UNISERT, HPX


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