Clean-Sweep® Assembly

Clean-Sweep® Assembly

The CLEAN-SWEEP® Holder is designed for systems handling viscous media processes, particularly where product build-up in a piping system may cause excessive overpressure conditions. This holder is an ideal replacement for rupture discs installed off the leg of a pipe tee where product build-up could affect the proper operation of the rupture disc. The CLEAN-SWEEP® Holder body is specifically designed for a rupture disc. The rupture disc is mounted directly on the holder body adjacent to the process flow. Compared to other designs, the CLEAN-SWEEP® greatly reduces the possibility of product build-up under the rupture disc and it is available for pressures up to 1440 psig (99,3 barg).


Nominal Size Range: 1" - 6" (150mm - 25mm)

Burst Pressure Range: 3psig - 1440psig (1barg - 100barg)

Recommended Operating Ratio: % of the rupture disc's rated (stamped) burst pressure.

Seating Configuration: Flat Seat

Service: Viscous Media

B.D.I.® Alarm System Compatible?: Yes

ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available? : Yes

Materials not indicated or shown may be available by special design. Contact the factory for more information.


B.D.I. (Burst Disc Indicator)

The B.D.I.® (Burst Disc Indicator) Alarm System is designed for use with Continental Disc rupture discs. The B.D.I.® Alarm System signals the system operator when a rupture disc has burst to relieve an overpressure or vacuum condition.

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