Continental Disc | Specialty Markets and OEM Applications

Continental Disc has a continually expanding list of pressure protection applications. We can provide a customized solution for any application. Use our OEM Applications Support Form today to speak to our Product Development group.

Customized pressure Relief Products

Continental Disc Corporation manufactures rupture disc assemblies with pressure ranges from 6” water column to 80,000 psig and for temperature conditions from cryogenic to 1000°F.

Our working relationship with customers is developed before the sale to better understand your needs, then provide fast, specific quotations and recommend the appropriate products for each application. After the sale, we provide the necessary technical assistance, training and support. Our unique emergency shipping program ensures receipt of the product when urgently needed.

Oil & Gas (Petrochemical)

The hydrocarbon industries require cost-effective system protection with a special focus on reducing fugitive emissions.

Aerospace / Defense

For over five decades, Continental Disc has been solving the specialized pressure protection and pressure activation needs of the aerospace and defense industries.

Medical / Healthcare

Continental Disc has been working with in the medical and healthcare industry for years producing a wide variety of pressure relief solutions for numerous safety critical applications.

Power Generation

Continental Disc has pressure relief solutions for evolving forms of power generation for traditional coal fired plants to wind turbines.


We offer specialized products found in most of the transportation markets including Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Rail and Intermodal Tank Containers.


Reliable sealed pressurized systems are critical to the HVAC market.

Tank Manufacturing

Continental Disc offers pressure and vacuum solutions for every type of tank container.

Gas / Liquid Handling Systems

Rupture discs protect the tanks, transmission lines, compressors, evaporators, transportation containers, pipes, tubes, coils, and instrumentation in all types of gas and liquid handling systems.

Research & Development Test Labs

Rupture disc are common in the development of new process and equipment.

Powder & Bulk Solids

Keeping the process safe is a concern due to the potential for fire or explosion in the storage and handling of powder and bulk solids.

Rubber & Plastic Extrusion

Since Continental Disc started manufacturing extruder rupture disc assemblies in July, 1969, we have produced over 200,000 extruders in over 350 different configurations.


Within mining operations you will find multiple unique applications where our rupture disc have been providing solutions for years.


Continental Disc offers pressure and vacuum solutions for electronic applications.

Consumer / Recreation

Overpressure solutions for multiple different OEM consumer / recreational products.

Commercial / Industrial

Continental Disc offers pressure and vacuum solutions for applications found in more common consumer/commercial applications.


Continental Disc solutions have been at work providing to water pressure applications. As the water industry faces supply and demand challenges, we continue to provide reliable and efficient solutions.

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