Coordinate Measuring Machine

Critical for measurement of the precise geometric characteristics of components

Provides statistical process control (SPC) capabilities, is programmable and automated, resulting in the highest level of measurement confidence

Active scanning is a unique feature of this CMM

Navigator technology is used which enables a tangential approach without a stop & go

Capable of circular or helical scanning

Measuring range [dm] 24”x 24”x 12” (609mm x 609mm x 305mm)

Up to 12/24/10 E0 from 1.5 μm

Optical Comparator

Used for small parts which are difficult to accurately measure by manual methods

Enlarged detail, vertical and horizontal measuring capabilities and profile projection allow the precise measurement of features such as radii, thread profile and angles

6” x 6” (152mm x 152mm) max

Clark hardness testers

Digital hardness tester to confirm the exact amount in metals

Capable of circular or helical scanning

Scales - HRB, HRC, HK, HV

Precision borescope inspection

Optical inspection device that is critical for the visual inspection of areas that are not accessible by other means.


Used to measure the profile of a surface, the reading is the equivalent roughness level

Granite Surface Plate

Inspection grade A granite surface plate provides an accurate reference plane for work inspection and layout

Custom designed gaging for your most intricate parts, CDC’s inspectors have all the measuring and test devices necessary to assure that your standards are being met

4’ x 6’ (1.2m x 1.8m) Inspection Grade A


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