Tanksert Rupture Disc

Tanksert Rupture Disc

The Tanksert Rupture Disc is designed for use on railroad tank cars, over the road tank trucks and other transportable vessels. It is designed to fit both threaded and bolted type Safety Vent Assemblies. Available with optional bee screen.

The Tanksert Rupture Disc is a Composite Type, with a flat seat sealing configuration.


Nominal Size Range: 2" - 2" (50mm - 50mm)

Burst Pressure Range: 25psig - 165psig (1barg - 11barg)

Recommended Operating Ratio: 80% of the rupture disc's rated (stamped) burst pressure.

Seating Configuration: Flat Seat

Service: Liquid or Gas

B.D.I.® Alarm System Compatible?: No

ASME Code Symbol Stamp Available? : No



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