Continental Disc Corporation was incorporated in 1965. At the time of its incorporation, Continental Disc Corporation was comprised of only a handful of people, many of whom had several job responsibilities within the organization.

We moved to our present location in the Spring of 1994. The Liberty facility is the worldwide, corporate headquarters of Continental Disc Corporation. In addition to being our primary manufacturing location, the corporate executive offices are located here along with the sales, engineering, accounting, quality assurance, office services, and human resource departments.

Much of our growth has been due to our development of innovative products to meet the needs of our customers. However, we have also grown through acquisitions and the expansion of our operations. In 1987, Continental Disc Corporation acquired the rupture disc product line of the Crosby Valve and Gauge Rupture Disc Division. This was followed by the purchase of the LaMOT® Corporation in 1990. Our first European office was opened in the Netherlands in 1983; followed by one in the United Kingdom in June of 1993. In May of 1998, Continental Disc Corporation purchased the assets of the Rupture Disc Division of Anderson, Greenwood & Co. Continental Disc Corporation has continued this trend by acquiring Groth® Corporation of Houston, Texas in September of 1999. These acquisitions and expansions reinforce our strategic plan of expanding our presence in key markets and maintaining our leadership position in the rupture disc industry.

Our original team of only twelve people in 1965 has increased to over three hundred team members throughout the world. We are now located in a facility ten times larger than our original manufacturing site. Our product line has expanded from two basic rupture disc designs to more than thirty rupture disc products. We have also added a line of hose valves, and the tank vent, flame arrester, pilot-operated valve and gas blanket regulator lines from Groth Corporation. In the early days, our customers were primarily found in three or four processing industries. Today, Continental Disc Corporation proudly serves close to forty industries.

As you can see, we have grown considerably since 1965. It is our goal to continue that growth and innovation. We hope that you will share this goal with us and join us as we look to the future.


Founded and started by Hans Unger, John Radhal, Frank Hansen and partially funded by Stern Brothers Investment Bankers, Gene “Alex” Alexander and Evelyn Stout.

Company Founded

Founded and started by Hans Unger, John Radhal, Frank Hansen and partially funded by Stern Brothers Investment Bankers, Gene “Alex” Alexander and Evelyn Stout.
October 14, 1965
Started rupture disc production at 72nd and Central, Kansas City, MO. First job shipped in September 1966. Basic product line of Standard, Composite, ORK Rupture Discs.
A formal quality program established, first edition of the CDC Quality Manual.
CDC was purchased from the founding partners by Charles D. Close, Philadelphia, PA.


Introduced patented non-fragmenting design Composite Rupture Discs. CDC is becoming an established company developing national and international sales representatives and on-going product development activities. Now have 18 associates.

Zap Tanksert "Specials"

Patented first reverse buckling disc with replaceable knife blades. Patented tank rail car rupture disc. Initial development of welded disc designs for defense/aerospace industries. Growth required relocating to larger facility. Leased 15,000 sq. ft. section of new 50,000 sq. ft. building in Riverside, MO. Now have 45 associates at CDC.


Expanded the Riverside facility to accommodate growth 25,000 sq. ft. ZAP Reverse Acting Rupture Disc design receives the John C. Valor Award for innovative new product for the chemical industry.
First rupture disc manufacturer to design and build an in-house flow testing laboratory to measure flow capacity through rupture discs, relief valves and valve disc combinations.


Introduction of the first ultra-low pressure positive and vacuum relieving discs.
Acquired previously named Bell and Howell or Paul Valve Company, renamed CDC Valve Company.


Introduction of the first monitoring device to indicate a burst rupture disc.

PC Sert

New PC Sert Rupture Disc developed for lntermodal tanks. Established CDC PE as our European headquarters in the Netherlands.


Introduced a cartridge type rupture disc holder assembly to accommodate a pre-assembled spare rupture disc in a processing line.

ULTRX and 3-D flow direction disc tag

ASME/National Board Flow Test facility certification; the first and only in our industry. Introduced CDC’s state-of-the-art ULTRX Scored Reverse Acting Rupture Disc design.
Received the Missouri Governor’s Award for Product Innovationfor the ULTRX Rupture Disc design. A second John C. Valor Award received for the ULTRX as innovative new product for the chemical industry.


Scored Tension Disc and FS Composite. Acquired assets of Crosby Rupture Disc Division, May, 1987
Established COH-Disc, a joint venture with Ohtory KK in Japan. Continental Disc Corporation is acquired by Siegel-Robert, Inc., St. Louis, MO.


Introduction of a low pressure scored reverse-acting rupture disc design. Air Products and Chemicals Suppliers Quality Award.
Acquisition of LaMOT Corporation, Rupture Disc Co., Corpus Christi, TX.


Achieved ISO 9001 Quality System Registration, the first by a US rupture disc manufacturer and the first in the greater Kansas City area. Design and site selection for new corporate headquarters/mfg. facility, Liberty, MO.


Introduction of the Sanitrx Rupture Disc design in pharmaceutical industry. Expansion in Europe with addition of direct sales offices, CD UK Ltd, in England and CDC Deutschland in Germany. Evacuated Riverside facility due to Missouri River flood. July 17, 1993. Rupture Disc Division temporarily located in Olathe, KS, back in production within two weeks of leaving Riverside. CDC Valve Company temporarily located in Grandview, MO.
Moved to new corporate headquarters in Liberty, MO. 96,000 sq.ft. April, 1994.


Sanitrx disc design received the “Innovation in Pharmaceutical Processing” Award.

Icon/Star X

Introduced the ICON and Star-X Rupture Disc designs.

Enviro Guard

Introduced a protective, weatherproof cover for outdoor disc installations.

Duca Clamp

Introduced a multi-bolt clamp for the assembly of rupture disc devices.

Vent Panels

The vent panel product line was introduced to minimize the structural damage of dust, vapor or mist deflagration in silos and other material handling environments.


Introduction of the Reverse Cross Scored Rupture Disc design.
Acquired the assets of the Anderson Greenwood Rupture Disc Div.
ASME and National Board Certification of the product line; a first in our industry.
First domestic rupture disc manufacturer to receive a China Safety Quality License. Acquired Groth Corp, Houston, TX. Received quality and product design type approvals in compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive.
Inauguration of ERP System to enhance CDC’s information technology.


Introduction of a low pressure scored reverse acting rupture disc design.
Built new manufacturing facilities for LaMOT/Groth in Stafford, TX.

Sanitrx LP

Created low pressure design Sanitrx Rupture Disc. Received Product/Quality Certification for the European Directive ATEX for discs used in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Began Lean Enterprise initiative as a continuous improvement process in all aspects of CDC operations. Certified as being the only rupture disc manufacturer to achieve welding certification in accordance with requirements of Nadcap and the aerospace/defense industry. Certified by the aerospace industry as being the only rupture disc manufacturer meeting the quality requirements of standard SAE-AS 9100.
CDC celebrates 40 years of Innovation, Growth and Quality. Now have over 250 associates globally and growing.
Continental Disc Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. David W. Brown to the position of CDC President.
Relocated and integrated the manufacture of LaMOT Rupture Discs into the Liberty home office to improve efficiency.
Advanced the product selling process globally through automation using the Big Machines Software System for quoting and order entry activities.

Sanitrx HPX

Released the Sanitrx HPX product to improve long term reliability of reverse-acting discs in the sanitary service markets such as pharmaceuticals and food & beverage. Opened manufacturing operations in Ahmedabad, India, to support growth of business in the Middle East and Asia markets.

HPX Product Family

Released the HPX Product Family to provide the most versatile and comprehensive rupture disc technology available in the industry.

Sanitrx LPX

Release to Sales of SANITRX LPX Rupture Disc for very low pressure applications.
Enlarged computer enhanced machine shop capabilities to support the rapid growth in oilfield development and other OEM markets.
Implemented a focused training program to institutionalize and improve our internal and external training efforts.
Added tantalum corrosion resistant material as an option in the HPX Product Family. Introduced SRA (Scored Reverse Acting) discs in smaller sizes to support the need for higher technology in markets such as Oil and Gas, R & D laboratories and Industrial Gas manufacturing.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification of all employees


Released the BDI-FLX to enhance functionality, reliability and global certification of alarm systems used with safety relief systems. Achieved ASME certification and standardized the design of Welded Muffled Plugs in our small threaded assembly product line.
Standardized a variety of thread types on small assemblies to support global design standards as standard products instead of specials. Tested and certified HPX Rupture Discs in line with safety valves to facilitate chemical and refining plants meeting very stringent EPA guidelines.

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