Where are you from?

All over the USA.  Born in Iowa, raised in Missouri, spent first ten years of adult life in South Carolina, but have worked in New York, Wisconsin, California, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Tijuana Mexico, Tlaxcala Mexico and of course, Missouri.

How long have you worked at Continental Disc Corporation?
Since 2007

What does your job entail?
Product Development Engineer requires strong teamwork skills with folks all over the globe, particularly our sister plants in Texas (Groth) and India (GCMPL).  It has given me an opportunity to develop trust with folks and rely on them, in ways I never anticipated.

What is the biggest challenge of your job?
Geography and time zones.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?
Always learning.  I’m not a young man, and my experience is extensive in industries from high speed manufacturing to nuclear research and many things in between, and I have found CDC to be the most challenging company I’ve encountered, and the challenges continue to come.

What do you love about working at Continental Disc Corporation?
Love is a strong word.  I love my wife and children.  I enjoy working at CDC, but never forget that we have a business relationship.  I have a responsibility to perform and I don’t lose sight of that.  That said, it is always the people that make the difference.  I’ve had some exceptional bosses and coworkers who’ve smiled along with me through the birth of each of my three sons and encourage me to never lose sight of what is important regarding work and home.

Please explain a great customer experience you've had. 
I started in Estimating as a Design Engineer.  My immediate customers were our Inside Sales Staff (domestically and globally).  My first year and a half with this company was working for Groth.  I remember having some amazing customer experiences working with Tony Florez.  I remember one experience where we were able to provide a material test report with a valve after the valve was sold, …it was a customer oversight.  I remember after verifying we did actually have the MTR’s available, Tony jumped up out of his chair, threw both his fists into the air and yelled, …”YES!!!  I JUST SOLD A PIECE OF PAPER FOR $10,000.  I CAN SELL ANYTHING!”.  His joyous celebration of victory and clear drive to never leave money on the table sticks with me still today.

What do you do in your free time?
I have three sons still in elementary school and great wife who works full-time.  There is no free time that I don’t spend with them.  My day in the sun is over, now I give to my children and help them prepare for theirs.

What is your favorite sports team(s)?
St. Paul Panthers (my son’s basketball team).



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